Nylon Yarns

Nylon yarns are synthetic fibers that are made to resemble natural fibers and have the same touch. Originally, nylon was made to replace silk. Since nylon is durable and flexible yet cheaper than natural fiber, it becomes a good choice for textile and fabric making when natural fiber such as wool is more expensive nowadays. Nylon is also an alternative choice for other type of yarns in variety of clothes making or home textiles. When choosing nylon yarns, it is important to consider the type of work they are used in. Nylon yarns may not be suitable for clothing materials, as they sometimes have rough surface. They are more suitable for materials that need to be durable such as tape or strap making. For example, the fabrics that are used for baby towels should be smooth and soft and should not cause skin irritation. As such, choosing what type of yarns to use in fabric making is considerably important and should not be overlooked no matter what.

Textured Yarns

They are synthetic fibers which differ from other textile yarns as they can be modified or any special properties could be added to them. They can be designed to have special qualities such as strong crimp, suppleness, loose structure or high elasticity, etc. All of these features can be made in textured yarns process. Textured yarns are widely included into synthetic fiber yarns. This is because the property of fiber yarns had previously been limited. Texturing processes then can unarguably improve the quality of synthetic yarns when they are supplemented with the properties that they lack.

Textured yarns are used for manufacturing a wide variety of textile products such as knitted clothes, undergarments, overcoats for men and women, etc. They are also used in the production of artificial fur, carpets, blankets and many others fabrics. The demand of textured yarns has been increasing over the past. As such, the study and development of textured yarns making are carried out widely and continually.

The difference between Polyester and Nylon yarns

There is a slight difference in properties between polyester and nylon yarns. Both yarns are synthetic fibers that are smooth and soft. However nylon yarns give more of a silk feel while touching than the other. Nylon is heavier. Clothes that are made of polyester are durable and do not wrinkle easily like clothes that are made of nylon. When exposed to heat, nylon yarns melt while polyester yarns harden. Nylon yarns inflame faster than polyester yarns.